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Xtend®: Revolutionizing Exotic Mushroom Packaging in Israel

Release date: June 24, 2024

Xtend®: Revolutionizing Exotic Mushroom Packaging in Israel

Marina Galil Mushrooms Farm

Marina Galil is a prominent figure in the mushroom industry in Israel. Founded in 1982 by Remo Ben Shushan, the company has significantly impacted the industry, making the brand synonymous with quality, freshness, and innovation. Today, Marina Galil is the leading producer of fresh mushrooms in Israel and also markets fresh vegetables and sprouts.

The company’s facilities include growing beds, advanced packing houses and in-house compost manufacturing. Marina has grown its capabilities significantly in the last ten years and has transformed the fresh mushroom market in Israel, selling packed mushrooms for home consumers and bulk and processed mushrooms for food service, reaching 1800 points of sale.

We met with Roni Sofer, Vice President of Marketing at Marina Mushrooms to discuss their experience with StePacPPC Xtend® bags for packing exotic mushrooms and portobello. StePacPPC is a global leader in advanced packaging solutions for extending shelf-life of fresh produce.

Oyster Mushrooms

“We first reached out to StePacPPC for extending the shelf-life of our Oysters mushrooms. At the time we were selling the mushrooms in open cardboard and plastic boxes as bulk, open clusters. The mushrooms would dry out very quickly, both during the supply chain and at the point of sale. The results of the collaboration with StePacPPC were remarkable. The Xtend 2.5-3kg bags significantly extended the shelf life of the Oyster mushrooms to 8-10 days storage +3-4 days shelf-life, maintaining their freshness and quality for longer and ensuring that consumers received mushrooms in optimal condition.” said Roni. Xtend bags are made from innovative films that regulate humidity and gas exchange, specifically designed for mushrooms creating an optimal environment that extends shelf life and preserves the quality of mushrooms.”

Portobello Mushrooms

“Following the success of the Oyster Mushroom project, the cooperation between Marina Mushrooms and StePacPPC expanded to Portobello mushrooms. “We conducted an 18 day storage trial with Portobello mushrooms using StePacPPC Xtend bags. Usually, the Portobello mushroom cap opens after a few days then begins sporing. The bag delayed the opening of the mushroom cap, thereby extending the shelf life.” said Roni. “Xtend bags have truly changed the game for us. We’ve not only reduced waste in our supply chain significantly, but also managed to maintain the premium quality of our mushrooms for a longer period, which is a huge win for both our business and our customers.”

Marina Galil Mushrooms Farm

Impact of Xtend Bags Inventory Management in the Mushroom Industry

Xtend bags provide a practical solution to common challenges such as spoilage, short shelf life and storage management, which are critical concerns for mushroom producers. By maintaining the quality and freshness of mushrooms, Xtend bags help producers deliver superior products to the market, enhancing both consumer satisfaction and loyalty. These bags also allow producers to manage their inventory better, reducing weight loss and maintaining visual appeal on shelves. This extended storage time reduces depreciation and allows for more efficient operations.

Moving Forward

Marina Mushrooms’ success demonstrates that investing in advanced packaging solutions can lead to significant improvements in product quality and business performance. By adopting Xtend bags, producers can enhance their market competitiveness, reduce waste, and contribute to a more sustainable supply chain.

In Summary

The collaboration between Marina Mushrooms and StePacPPC showcases the power of innovation in transforming the mushroom industry. With the support of advanced packaging solutions like Xtend bags, the industry can deliver fresher, higher-quality mushrooms to consumers and ensure they remain at the forefront of this dynamic and expanding market.

Marina Galil Mushrooms Farm


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