Stand Out

You want your produce to be eye-catching, whether sold at the grocery store or online. Xgo is your solution. Package your harvested produce in the most enticing, easy-to-identify and easy-to-handle way while keeping it the freshest for the longest.

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Attractive Clear Easy-Grab​

Brand It !

We’ll print your design on the packaging. 

Customized Technology

All Xgo products contain excellent anti-fog properties and can be customized to provide optimal modified atmosphere conditions for prevailing temperature-time profiles. 


 Lidding (top-seal) Films

Customized solutions for different types of produce packed in PET or PP trays. PET resealable lidding film available. 

Standing Pouches

Top-notch, condensation control and MA properties.

 Flow Pack Films

Roll stock film for both vertical and horizontal form, fill and seal applications.

Preformed Bags

High-performance, pre-formed bags for manual packing.

Industry Advantages

StePac. You’re covered.

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