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Quality and sustainability from farm to far.

StePac’s mission is to provide fresh-produce packaging and post-harvest handling guidance that enable extended produce shelf life, exemplary esthetics, and eco-positivity. 

We offer a unique multidisciplinary approach combining a profound understanding of the interaction between produce physiology and pathology, prevailing supply chain conditions, and packaging design. As a result, every packaging solution we provide is accompanied by handling procedures designed to ensure maximum freshness over time. 

Established in 1992, our secret to success is in harnessing modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) coupled with our own innovative modified humidity (MH) technology. We have pioneered the development of advanced polymer films with a range of water vapor transmission rates (WVTR) and tailored permeability to oxygen and carbon dioxide that enable fresh produce to achieve gas equilibrium in the packaging headspace  which reduces their natural respiration rates and slows aging and ripening processes. Removing free moisture as well as elevating carbon dioxide concentrations also suppresses bacterial and fungal growth. 

Today, with multiple patents globally, we offer the broadest, ever expanding range of polymer films and packaging formats with varying water vapor transmission rates for scores of produce types.  

Our packaging products and processes are measurably eco-efficient, preventing significant food waste, reducing plastic use and lowering carbon footprints. All told, StePac’s approaches are the epitome of meeting market demands for packaged produce quality and longevity, sustainably. 

The high caliber freshness our solutions provide enables our customers — growers, packers, traders, food service providers, and retailers – to enhance quality, reduce waste, and expand markets, all of which are equated with long-standing customer trust and loyalty. 

Contact us for more info – we’re always happy to discuss how we can serve you best.

Contact us for more info - we’re always happy to discuss how we can serve you best.

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