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Revolutionizing Cherry Packing: The Power of Automation

Release date: May 16, 2024

Introducing Xflow™ Multiseal – The Future of Cherry Packing

In the dynamic arena of cherry packing, where every moment counts, shortage in labor as well as high costs are causing automation to emerge as the driving force of change. Xflow™ Multiseal is a unique Automated Modified Atmosphere Packaging solution developed through a collaboration between StePacPPC and Empack.

Xflow™ Multiseal combines StePacPPC patented Xflow™ technology, a unique range of films with varying Water Vapor Transmission Rates (WVTR) and modified atmosphere properties for shelf-life extension, supplied as roll stock for flow pack applications, with @Empack Multiseal.

How it Works

Xflow™ Multiseal’s integrated solution for automated packing and grade sorting addresses the critical need for streamlined operations while ensuring optimal productivity. It combines flow pack machinery, unique film structures for flow-packing cherries, and an intelligent system for segregating by grade after packing.


  • Increased operational efficiency: Fast and efficient fully automated packing increases operational capacity, reduces labor dependency, and shortens time from harvest to packing. In the case of the Chilean exporters this enables them to pack more high profit 2.5 Kg packages, highly sought after by their Chinese customers.
  • Superior shelf-life: Modified atmosphere preserves quality, extends shelf life and reduces waste in the fresh produce supply chain, allowing for prolonged storage and shipment.
  • Sustainable packaging: Xflow™ enables leaner film specifications saving up to 40% in use of plastic film in comparison to the preformed bulk bag variant.
  • Higher profitability: Allows customers to pack more higher profit packages.
  • Food safety: Minimizes handling throughout the packing process.

“The success of Xflow™ Multiseal signifies a shared vision for the future of cherry packing. By leveraging each other’s strengths and expertise, StePacPPC and Empack have created a solution that not only meets a clear need today, but also anticipates tomorrow’s challenges” commented Ivo Tunchel, Business Development Manager, South America, StePacPPC. “The solution is gaining traction in Chile and is implemented to preserve the quality of cherries during shipment to China, a supply chain exceeding 25 days in length!”

StePacPPC Cherries Xflow Multiseal 04

Xflow™ Multiseal: The Key to Packing Excellence

  • Automated MAP Sealing: Utilizes advanced film properties to achieve high-speed sealing of cherry packages, optimizing productivity and reducing processing time.
  • Digital Traceability: Ensures comprehensive tracking of each package, allowing for precise monitoring of product movement and quality control throughout the supply chain.
  • Automatic Segregation Platform: Incorporates an automatic segregation platform that categorizes packages based on predefined criteria such as size, weight, and quality, streamlining the packing process and minimizing manual labor requirements.
  • Flexibility in Packaging Size: Offers a wide range of dimensions for packing different cherry weights via Xflow™ Modified Atmosphere roll stock films.
  • Optimal WVTR and Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR): Creates an optimal environment that prolongs storability and maximizes post-harvest shelf-life via regulation of WVTR and OTR values.

Embracing the Future

As cherries embark on their journey from Chile to China and beyond, Xflow™ Multiseal ensures they arrive at their destination with peak freshness intact. Chilean exporters use this unique system to preserve cherry quality during long journeys of over 25 days to China, enabling them to command premium prices. With unwavering dedication to quality, efficiency, and sustainability, this revolutionary technology is reshaping the cherry packing landscape worldwide. And it’s not just about meeting market demands; it’s about setting new standards for excellence!

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