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How global blueberry exporters and importers are benefiting from StePac’s lean and sustainable modified atmosphere & humidity packaging solutions

Sea freight from two of the leading producing countries – Peru and Chile, is lengthy and can exceed 35 days to some of the furthest destinations, such as China. This poses a significant challenge to ensuring that blueberries reach the consumer in prime condition. Exporters from other countries, face similar challenges.

As a result, more and more exporters the world over, are turning to StePac’s packaging solutions to preserve the quality of their blueberries during long shipments.

Experience and expertise
 StePac is a leading global developer and manufacturer of modified atmosphere packaging solutions. Our fresh produce packaging solutions are designed to preserve quality, increase shelf-life, and reduce waste for enhanced sustainability.

We offer a wide range of innovative, sustainable blueberry packing solutions and formats ideal for prolonged storage and shipment of fresh blueberries. 

Among our solutions:

xtend logo
 1.  Xtend® preformed bulk packaging. This packing is ideal for manually packing loose berries, or blueberries packed in clamshells. The bags are typically heat sealed by the customer after packing for optimal freshness.

Xtend preformed bulk bag for blueberries manually packing

xflow logo

2. Xflow™ patented, functional, flowpack solution

This packaging is ideal for blueberries and is a welcome cost-saving alternative to traditional preformed bulk packaging. Xflow meets and transcends market trends by reducing waste throughout the supply chain, saving labor costs, and using leaner plastic packaging – almost 40% less plastic than in bulk bag. 

With the Xflow system, a tray of 12 clamshells is transported on a conveyor belt into the flowpack machine where they are automatically packed with the patented Xflow film, then placed in the carton as shown in Figure 2. This helps reduce labor, packaging quantity and film costs while at the same time providing a more attractive package. Xflow also improves horizontal airflow across the carton, which is critical for efficient cooling and cold-chain management.

Xflow film a patented cost-saving flowpack solution for blueberries bulk packaging

Xgo logo

3. Xgo™ top seal solutions
Over the years we have innovated and developed a broad range of top-seal solutions each available with varying functionalities such as:

• Easy peel solutions for PET and PP trays
• Resealable solutions for PET trays

These top seal solutions bring the added value of modified atmosphere all the way to the final consumer, improving food safety by minimizing contact with the fruit. Our resealable top-seal solution, in particular, is an elegant packaging format which is ideal for multiple servings. After resealing, the modified atmosphere redevelops and continues to preserve the quality in the consumers fridge.

Xgo aesthetic and functional resealable retail packaging solution


Innovation and relationships that go the extra mile

With a deep understanding of the industry, we hold close, long-term customer relationships, and continuously innovate and develop solutions to meet market trends and requirements. We listen closely to our customers and provide simple solutions for complicated supply chain problems by combining postharvest scientific expertise, with polymer and packaging engineering and advanced, lean manufacturing capabilities.

When it comes to support, we leave no stone unturned. StePac customers experience a holistic customer approach from both us and our global distributers, that includes post sales tech-support, webinars, inspections, and close work with all stakeholders in the supply chain to maximize performance. Blueberry exporters can expect to receive valuable advice on postharvest handling to support the good performance of the packaging, and routine inspections from us upon arrival of the berries at their destinations. Such inspections typically confirm the outstanding performance of the packaging, demonstrating that, in addition to maintaining firm fruit, retaining good flavor, and minimizing rot, the modified humidity properties of our films help maintain the bloom of the blueberries – the latter of which is one of our most distinguishing differentiators.


The StePac Modified Atmosphere/ Humidity Packaging Advantage

Our modified atmosphere and humidity packing is especially beneficial for the fragility of blueberry shipping, as follows:
• Slows respiration and aging and inhibits growth of microorganisms by lowering oxygen (O2) and increasing carbon dioxide (CO2) 
• Limits dehydration and weight loss during storage and shipment
• Delivers unparalleled condensation control for better product visibility and mitigation of decay and preservation of bloom
• Prolongs shelf life and reduces wastage in the supply chain


To learn more about how StePac lean and sustainable produce packaging solutions for blueberries and other fresh produce can extend your market reach, reduce your supply chain waste, and enhance your consumer experience, visit our website:


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